Beachside Vero Beach Timeline

pink kickboxing bags

In 2009, Suraj began working with Renato Tavares as part of American Top Team. He knew that he wanted to train until he could compete at a high level of expertise. He aspired to be a World Champion.

In 2013, Tavares told Suraj that before business there had to be college. When Suraj would complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, they could consider Suraj opening his own gym.

2015 was a critical year for Suraj. He did complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at IRSC. He achieved the level of Brown Belt in late December.

2016. Renato offered Suraj the opportunity to open his own space. Renato is a partner in the business, a coach, a mentor and a friend.

Now the work of creating a family friendly, usable space began. Suraj wanted to have the gym ready for an active summer camp.

Suraj had worked out the details in his mind with the goal of offering a family oriented space for women and moms with their children. Here would be a place without judgement; a place where women would feel safe and comfortable.

He chose pink bags and warm wall colors to appeal to women. A couch, homework area, a desk and mats joined the kickboxing bags.

Beachside has grown to serve women in the morning, women in the afternoon, self defense seminars, after school homework and jiu jitsu time, a successful summer camp and co ed capoiera at night.

Every class is run by a trained instructor with a defined curriculum.The teaching staff live the life style that they encourage for their students. Everyone is encouraged to keep improving. There isn’t a contract, cancellation fee and there is a free trial period. There is always time to question, to chat and to demonstrate.

Our after school homework area
Our after school homework area