Beachside Vero Competitors

Beachside Vero Competitor
The work behind the curtains. Nobody sees how much times these kids sweat, cried, and even bleed on the mat.
All they see are the results. I’m so proud of all of these kids, not because they won or loss, but because they visualize a goal, worked to achieve it, and no matter the outcome they stepped up to get it done!
This my inspiration why I work so hard everyday, this is my inspiration to better myself and compete, and very proud to call everyone of them my students!
Thank you to Renato Tavares Bjj for this life long blessing! Thank you to the parents to support Beachside Fitness and Martial Arts! Thank to my employees and coaching for holding things down when I slack off Shaughn Koukos Trisha Budhram, Flavia Silva, Davette Scott, Tasha Lynn, and Eldridge Wynn!
God bless! Osssu