Children’s Elite Combat

Elite Combat

“Elite Combat” is a program produced by Beachside Martial Arts.

It consists of seven to thirteen year old boys and girls. In this class we teach Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai and Wrestling. Self defense and bully proofing are part of the curriculum.

In the Brazilian Jujitsu class we teach basic Jujitsu techniques from the side control position to  triangle submission.

In the Muay Thai class we teach basic striking, footwork, and many more exciting skills. In the Wrestling portion of the class, we will teach takedowns from single leg to double etc.

This class has everything to help a child become a well rounded Mixed Martial Artist and even helps the child with the confidence to avoid bullying. Our main objective in the class is to build the child’s self-esteem and self respect.

The lessons learned in this class will help the child on the mats and in school; but most of all we strive to produce excellent citizens and members of the community.

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