Children’s Program

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Ground Fighters (Ages 4-13)

In this class we will be teaching Mixed Martial Arts: Brazilian Jujitsu, striking, and wrestling. We give your child a sense of focus and devotion to the sport. Self defense and bully proofing are part of every class.

Also your child will learn RESPECT, HONOR, DISCIPLINE, and, LOYALTY. You will see results instantly such as respect for you, others and how to set long term and short goals. We give rewards every month for those students who have showed good attendance, participation, and understanding of the techniques but most of all LEADERSHIP!

Our goals are for your child to have a year round sport that they can play in a family environment. Also set goals for themselves physically and mentally. We hope to inspire every child to bring the best out of themselves and to challenge themselves on the journey to become a BLACK BELT.

Training Options: 2 days 3 days Unlimited or Afterschool

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