Florida State Jiu Jitsu 2017

Beachside Team at Florida State Tournament

How I handle post tournament, maybe it might help someone:
I have been competing for not very long. But whenever I get the chance to compete I do. Competing is not only about winning its about the hard work, the love, and the passion of the sport! I saw many men, women, and kids lose yesterday. Some cried, some were disappointed, and some had excuses. These are normal things to have but leave it at the tournament. My rule is when I want to cry, be disappointed, or make an excuse, I leave it there when I walk out of tournament; it’s done. New day, New me and time to improve. Be happy that you are healthy, be happy you have an amazing team to get you ready, be happy you have the CHANCE to compete that many others don’t.
Don’t let any bad tournament results make who you are. You are champion for getting ready, you are a champion for representing your team, you are a champion for showing your heart and never giving up, win or lose!
Everyone keep your heads up and remember to have fun! Feel the rush and let it take you to the top! Osssu

Florida State Tournament 2017

Florida State Tournament 2017
Florida State Tournament