Miami Open Jiu Jitsu Tournament and Suraj

This weekend has been a very emotional one for me.

Some of my close friends know some of the changes that I’m going through in my life. But the drive to be a champion has never left me! Sacrifices need to be made to be #1! There’s no excuses to not accomplish your goals and dreams.

I also made a very big mistake this weekend by competing on a very special day to support and show love to my mom. I am very thankful for my mother because no matter what she always supports me and tells me to go compete and always keep fighting. She has always kept me in her prayers and keeps me close to God!

Thank you God for the will to WIN and keeping me safe! Thank you to my sponsors Ground Fighter! Thank you to my girlfriend Flavia Silva who will always be my ROCK! Thank you for Master Renato Tavares Bjj for the guidance throughout my life and encourage me to keep working hard! Thank you to Tommy Wales and Thaisio Feliz, Igor Feliz Bjj for coaching me! I do this for myself, my family, my teammates, Most of all my students! Ossssu

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