Superfight Win with Suraj

Fight to Win

The path to a Superfight win.

Master Tavares informed Suraj of the upcoming Superfight and encouraged him to apply.


This Superfight consisted of 8 fighters. What is a Superfight? It is based on catch weight. Suraj is generally around 141 pounds. The catch weight was 152. The opponent is supposed to be close to that weight but can be over.  In this case, he would pitted against a fighter weighing in at 160lbs. The Superfight competitors are known before the date of the fight in contrast to a tournament where the tournament brackets are announced the day of the competition.


Suraj was able to study the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent. He decided to train more to counter the strengths of his opponent instead of focusing on his weaknesses.  He also decided to improve his technical skills vs his cardio training. Since a Superfight is one match for 8 minutes as opposed to a potential of 4 matches of 8 minutes each in a tournament bracket, he knew that strength and technique were more important.


As a result, Suraj went to three a days meaning three grueling sessions each day Monday through Saturday. Morning training, afternoon drilling and evening training all accomplished while running Beachside classes.
Part of the thought behind taking the Superfight is that it is nogi.  Suraj has won many contests and is know as a gi fighter. Winning in nogi showed how well rounded his game is.suraj competition