Suraj at No Gi Worlds

No Gi Worlds

This weekend I placed 3rd place at Nogi Worlds! Not satisfied but happy.
I want to thank all my teammates, my family, my beautiful girlfriend, and coaches that helped me so much!
Allot of people know the struggle that I been through these past couple months with x,y, and z. Either way everyone is struggling thier own battles and it doesn’t matter whose struggle is greater it just matters the support group you have.
I’ve had a tremendous amount of support from my teammates, work, my beautiful girlfriend who kept me in place, also I have had a great support from my mestre Renato Tavares Bjj when I doubt myself THEY picked me up and I’m forever grateful!
I had fun this weekend, I fought my heart out, I pushed through all the obstacles to get there and that’s all that matters!
Thank you my sponsor Ground Fighter
Most of all thank you GOD for allowing me to do what I love! Without GOD nothing is possible! Ossssuno gi